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The speed of ramping up revenue back
Depends on the size of recovery team and budget
Proven results of getting customers back fast
Proof of safety
Self-made claims
Third-party safety score
Online + remote video certification
Risk of outbreaks in your location and losses of customers
Moderate to high
Cost and time are increased due to do-it-yourself activities
Low to extremely low
- AI-based outbreak prediction for each location (green, orange, red, sent to management)
- Safety health score for outbreak predictions
- Safety score for locations
- Health score for your customers
- High-precision compliance with regulations and safety standards
- 2–4 week implementation cycles to obtain 80% risk reduction of outbreaks

About Us

We bridge companies in the recreation and entertainment sector, such as hotels, cruise lines, sports centers, chain restaurants, etc., with technological solutions providers to minimize the pandemic effect and help businesses resume operations as soon as possible.

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A survival challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has heavily impacted the tourism industry. Restaurants, hotels, and other organizations in the hospitality industry were closed or restricted, airplanes were landed and ships were docked, as well as all events were cancelled. Lots of companies went bankrupt, while others had to tighten their belts and face layoffs.

It seems that now the pandemic is slowly fading away worldwide, but there exist a variety of challenges to bear with. People are still afraid, their behaviour and habits have changed drastically. The same is to be done with our life approaches to overcome the challenges and prosper in this new reality.

BYCB Foundation aims to safeguard businesses and their customers. We believe that by educating and protecting staff, improving management efforts, as well as performing disinfection activities, will bring along confidence and win customers back.



Time to solve it in cooperation with BYCB Foundation

The outcome

How do I return my customers and gain new ones?
2–4 week cycles
By getting the professional advice from the Advisor's board of the Foundation, you will generate a new customer's pipeline at an accelerated speed.
How do I ensure safety of the customers?
24 hours to get a Safety Certificate in 2 simple steps
A remote certification with a safety score to assure your customers are protected against infection risks. Get a visible proof of being an infection-free area (depending on the results of certification) and place it on:‎• a website• a reception desk• a front door
How do I stay up to date with latest requirements?
Instant download
Personal industry-specific checklists of preventive measures against COVID-19 in accordance with the national regulations in your country / state
What criteria does a customer use to choose an establishment?
Instant download
Mass surveys featuring customer expectations in a single click covered by the foundation membership fees
How do I save time choosing the best technology solution for my business?
Instant access on the Foundation marketplace
Access to SaaS software to prevent the virus spread (beta)Access to the list of verified vendors providing antiviral solutions
How do I reduce the risk of the lawsuit by 60–90%?
50% less time consuming than do-it-yourself
Create the risk mitigation plan by using:- qualified advice from the expert in your industry- community experience on overcoming similar problems- free instructor-led webinars on preventive measures against COVID-19 (reviews, protocols, and recommendations)- regular updates about the legal issues related to COVID-19

Explore how you can minimize customer loss

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Virtual Remote Control for hotel TV solutions

Lodging Interactive

Digital menu system


Contactless check-in/out and keyless room entry.

Altoros AI Fever Screener

Advanced fever screening with AI.

Pure Room

Disinfection, air purification and sanitization solution.


Robots for hotel processes.

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What forms of payment do you accept for our membership?

Now we accept Stripe, PayPal payments and wire transfers.

I have recently joined BYCB Foundation. When will I begin to receive information and materials?

Glad to see you! We post updates monthly. Also you are welcome to join our webinars (every 2 weeks, notifications are sent to your email).

My organization has multiple offices across several states. How can we take advantage of the membership?

By becoming a member of BYCB Foundation you receive access to Safety Score Certification, which allows you to ensure your customers in safety of each of your locations.

My organization is ready to join BYCB Foundation. How do we apply?

Just press the “Become a member” button, submit all necessary information, pay membership fees and welcome aboard!

What if my organization’s staff size changes during our membership term?

You don’t have to pay extra during the membership term.

Is my membership renewal due on the anniversary of my organization’s join date?

Yes! We will notify you via email and offer to extend your membership.

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